We construct distinctive energy efficient and cost effective buildings, in order to create a traditional or unique design specifically tailored to your individual requirements. Innovative and proven building materials such as structural steel, insulated and architectural precast, metal siding, solid or cavity wall masonry, spandrel reflective glass and stucco exterior coatings enables us to provide you with a custom-built, classical or contemporary building.

Examples include:
Retail Plazas
Industrial Condominiums
Professional Offices

Manufacturing/Production Plants

Food Processing Plants
Chemical Processing/Production
Cold Storage Buildings
Truck Terminals / Distribution

Recreational Centres




With a keen awareness to your specific needs, we design to compliment your existing facility, build to meet your specification, and comply to all building code requirements.
Examples include:
Additional Plant Space
Larger/Additional Offices
Machine/Equipment Building
Parking Structure
Additional Plant Space


We perform interior and exterior renovations according to your particular requirements. Our work forces are flexible, and will work
off-hours in order to minimize disturbance and inconvenience with your plant production.

Examples include:
Mezzanine & Catwalks
Structural Alterations & Repairs
Concrete & Masonry Retaining Walls
Sump Pits & Trench Drains
Concrete & Epoxy Containment Pads
Loading Docks & Ramps
Removal/Repair/Reconstruction of Concrete Slabs
Office Interiors & Showrooms
Equipment Foundations
Parking Garage Restoration
Interior Block/Composition Partitions